As most of you can tell, my passion is to help women, and individuals feel beautiful and to be the best version of themselves. I feel this slogan is a true representation of what Mint For You is all about. To be fearless in who we are, and to be feminine, delicate and powerful. My style of photography is classic and elegant. I want to capture the true essence of the person who is in front of my camera, all while creating beautiful and timeless portraiture. The I AM fearless + feminine movement is to help those women who need it the most. Women who have been told they aren't good enough, who aren't worthy of love, and told that no one will love them the way they are. 


My goal for Fearless and Feminine is to help out as many women, children who need the help of shelters for support. With each purchase of an item, a portion of the proceeds goes to local Ontario women shelters. This is something that I am so incredibly proud of, and here you will be able to see all of our beautiful products we have to offer. 


I believe community work is the best type of work, and to be able to give back is something I am so proud to be able to do. With the help of other volunteers, like my brand ambassadors we will be able to give our time back and help out with events, and donate our time for helping a great cause. 


I am Fearless and Feminine is about unity in all aspects of life, whether a woman needs a lending ear or some financial help we will be there with our arms wide open to help out in any way we can.


Want to join in the movement? spread the love of our mission by making a purchase of one of our beautiful pieces of clothing, mugs, hats etc. It is greatly appreciated. 
For now - please send an EMT to